Our Core Servicecs

We provide a variety of specialty services to our clients. Our core services include Access Control, Camera Surveillance Systems and Event Parking & Revenue Control. If you would like details in addition to those provided in this website, please contact us by phone or email.


ACG offers scalable, enterprise-class Access Control & Management solutions that seamlessly integrate security and building management functions.

Access Control Security Systems

Our access control system software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 (or more recent) environments and interacts seamlessly with many third party systems. It combines scalable design with built-in customizable features. This makes it easy to meet the needs of any size customer, from small business to medium and large enterprise organizations, and easily expands as customer needs change.


  • Access Control
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • IP Video Systems
  • Visitor Management
  • Video Verification
  • Photo Imaging & Badging
  • Elevator Control
  • Building Management
  • Reports
  • Graphics
  • Import/Export
  • Retrofit
  • User Card/Pin
  • Access Rules
  • Monitor Who's In
  • Reports
  • Door Commander
  • Alarm/Input Commander
  • Graphics
  • Time Schedules

We pair industry leading Axis cameras with Qognify's powerful network video recorders and PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) functionality to provide our customers excellence and reliability in camera surveillance.

Axis IP cameras integrate seamlessly with legacy networks and with Qognify surveillance recorders and information management software. Oognify Ocularis represents the latest evolution in IP video surveillance and security. As an integrated video and event management platform, it includes a full-fledged video management system (VMS) for streaming, recording and managing an unlimited number of cameras at multiple sites.

Surveillance Security Systems

Qognify Ocularis' straightforward workflow provides a collaborative environment in which video and alerts from across the organization are converted into meaningful events for efficient shared handling and building video-evidence case files. Sony and Qognify camera surveillance equipment is widely used to address security, surveillance and business challenges in diverse applications and markets. From single location retail outlets to multiple-site, complex municipal and enterprise installations, we’ll customize a Axis/Qognify system set that exceeds your IP video surveillance expectations.


Every parking operation is unique. We are dedicated to giving you the parking-related tools you need to run your business the way you want: to meet the objectives you've set, whether that's revenue growth, enhanced operational efficiency or improved customer service.  Our innovative parking solutions are customized to solve your challenges and are fully supported to save you time, money and stress.

Smart Parking Solutions

Parking Access Control

Our parking access control solutions provide improved control, security and convenience for your parking operation management - from gated communities and private businesses to parking garages and university campuses. As Access Control is the baseline tool needed for the success of  your parking operation, reliability is the key. We offer a proven and incredibly flexible system that raises the bar for function, simplified configuration, and expandability.

Parking Revenue Control

Our revenue control solutions are designed to give you control over all revenue aspects of your business while limiting employee discretion and simplifying transactions. Developed for parking professionals who need to harness sophisticated revenue collection opportunities, our solutions are packed with features and configurable functionality, including a wide range of payment options, detailed activity reports and more.