Our Promise to Our Customers

We take our commitments to our customers and to our team members very seriously.  

Our GoalOur Mission and Our Pledge to Our Employees reflect ACG's core values

Our Goal

To be the finest security and access vendor with the best reputation for customer satisfaction in our marketing area; the company that stands apart from the competition and fosters mutually beneficial and long term partnering relationships with its customers.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with cost-effective security solutions by delivering state-of-the-art equipment, backed by service and support that is unparalleled in the industry.

Every function we perform in conducting business must stand the test of customer satisfaction, harmony in the workplace, mutual profitability and common sense.

Our employees will be empowered to maintain the highest level of technical expertise, product knowledge and business acumen. We will constantly strive to improve our service and support practices.


Our employees will be empowered to provide the finest customer service and technical support available. We will strive to put our customers' needs before our own and conduct our business in a professional manner that consistently exceed our customers' expectations.

Our employees will be empowered to deliver service, supplies and parts in the most rapid way and by the best means available. This includes going outside of our regular procedures if necessary and feasible.

Our employees will be empowered to fulfill the terms of our sales, lease, service and software agreements in both letter and spirit.

Our Pledge to Our Employees

We pledge to provide our employees an environment in which they can achieve their personal and financial goals through hard work, initiative and honesty.